Cossack and Lizard Stretches

Here are a couple more stretches I do on a regular basis. The cossack I also do with the TRX, this allows a lot of support if you are very inflexible.

Weekly Training Plan – 2 Jun 2013

My weekly training plan for the week of 3 Jun 2013. Details for the goals behind my current training plan can be found in the Training Goals - Summer 2013 post.   Sunday TRX FORCE - Week 2: Day1 @done Muay Thai practice @done Did … [Continue reading]

Weight Loss Update

Scale and tape measure

After last week's positive weight loss update report I'm disappointed to say this week was not very good. I'm not exactly sure why I put weight on, so I'll be tracking what I eat every day for the next week to see if I can figure out where the … [Continue reading]

Weekly Training Plan – 26 May 2013

Page from planning notebook

My weekly training plan for the week of 26 May 2013. Details for the goals behind my current training plan can be found in the Training Goals - Summer 2013 post.   Sunday TRX Mobility @done Muay Thai practice … [Continue reading]

Training Goals – Summer 2013


Training Goals vs Training Plans I'm shifting from writing multi-week training plans to writing training goals instead. I realized looking back at my past training plans that I never was able to follow any of them for very long. I started … [Continue reading]

Legs Week and TRX FORCE KIT

Wall Squat

TRX Practice I received my TRX FORCE Kit earlier this week and spent a bit of time doing the first of the FORCE workout program. Look for a full review of the TRX and training program in the next couple of weeks. Today in the morning I did the TRX … [Continue reading]

Weight Loss Update

Looks like I've started to undo the weight I put back on in the past several months. Lost 2 3/4 lb this week. 2 - 3 lb per week is a realistic goal for me, so hopefully I can maintain this rate for the coming weeks. Totals to date are Weight … [Continue reading]

Teeps, Knives, and Abs

By Delmas alain (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The focus this past week at ABD Norwich was on Teep Kicks, defense against front knife to the throat, and it was abs week. I'm starting to think that abs week is a misnomer, because my hips seem to hurt a lot more than my abs. Maybe it should be … [Continue reading]

Lots of Plants and a Little TRX

(CC by 2.0) by SweetOnVeg

Eating With the exception of some cheese and whole grain roles, I ate an all plant-based diet today. This is something I’m looking to add more of to my regular diet. Really liked my kale and romaine salad with hummus for dressing at lunch, … [Continue reading]

Weekly Training Update – May 5-11

(CC BY-SA 2.0) by Orse

It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been training consistently, just haven’t kept up with my training journal. If you check out the latest weight loss update, you’ll see that I’ve put a bit of weight back on. I’ve read many times that … [Continue reading]