I started this blog just before my 42nd birthday.  I had gotten out of shape and in such poor health that I had most of the typical ailments that a middle-age over-weight person would expect to have.  I think the final straw was having to go to the “Big and Tall” store to buy a new pair of jeans.  Somehow ordering my size through the mail never really bothered me.  But, one day I ripped my only good pair and need another pair quickly.  I walked out of several local stores kind of depressed that their largest sizes were too small for me.  Having to stop at the Casual Male XL to buy a simple pair of jeans was my last straw.  

This blog is a record of my journey to never having to shop at the “Big and Tall” store again

I have written several additional posts that will help you to get to know me better

Why I started an online training blog

What you can expect me to blog about

Why I choose to blog under my real name

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