Bas Rutten Workout



2 minutes of intervals to get warmed up.

5 Pushups – my shoulder is finally feeling strong enough to start adding some pushups in on a regular basis. I’m intentionally keeping the reps low enough that I’m not struggling at all to do them. Sort of the grease the groove concept. This is one area where I do miss my Convict Conditioning workouts, but I just don’t have time to fit in everything that I would like to do all at once.

Stretching – usual stretching routine as outlined in my current
Training Plan.

Bas Rutten Workout

Had originally planned for another 50 reps of kicks, knees, etc, the same as I did in my last workout. In my last workout I had stubbed my big toe, the one that is still trying to grow back its nail, and that really irritated it. Enough so that doing kicks, or coming up on my toes to throw a knee was an issue. So the 50 reps plan got scrapped. I was still able to punch fairly well, just had to limit how high I got my heel off the ground when punching. Ended the workout with 8 rounds of Bas Rutten’s 2m Boxing workout. One thing I noticed from the last time I did this workout was that I am now able to keep up with Bas during the first 7 rounds. I stopped at 8 rounds because my form was went down hill.