Convict Conditioning, Muay Thai and Krav Maga Practice

Woke up at my usual 5 this morning. Finally got to bed a bit later than I wanted last night after getting home from the 8pm class. Felt a little tired throughout the day. Think I’ll try the late class a few more times and see if I can’t get to bed sooner after getting home. I did like the smaller 8pm class last night and the extra time to get stuff done before class.


Convict Conditioning Pushups / Leg Raises and Muay Thai / Krav Maga practice. This was originally my Thursday workout, but it only ended up on that day because it was between my two ABD workouts for the week. I’m shifting it so it falls between my two ABD classes this week. CC / R.O.P.A. will get moved to either Thursday or Friday, depending on when I do my second ABD class this week. Currently I’m thinking Thursday 8pm for my second class.

Convict Conditioning

Was able to add 5 reps to all my sets of Wall Pushups, brining tonights reps to, 35/35/35. Knee Tucks were a different story. We did a fair amount of core and ab work in last nights class, so I’m thinking that is what impacted my numbers tonight. Kept 20 reps on the first set of Knee Tucks, but was only able to manage 10 on the second set.

Krav Maga

Practiced defense against straight punch and a haymaker. Still trying to workout a better way to capture the arm in the haymaker defense. Have a couple of ideas on some tweaks, so that I don’t cause myself pain, that I’ll try out during my next class.

Muay Thai

Rounds of technique only of the first and second parts of the first-half. I feel like I’m in really close after I throw the left hook and before I throw the cross. Watched the ABD videos again and I see that the pad holder is holding out further for the left hook. I think when I’m practicing at home I’m getting in too close to the bag, so I can make contact with the left hook and that leaves me too close for the cross to feel right.

Practiced round kicks, right and left. 10 each side working on technique, form, hand movement, etc.