Convict Conditioning and R.O.P.A. – Week 4


Warm Up

Usual stretching routine.

Convict Conditioning

Added both reps and another set to my vertical pulls and my Jackknife squats. Did 25/25/25 of each. The progression standard for both is 40/40/40, something I think I’ll be able to hit in the next month.


Did not get my working heart rate quite as high as last time, 140 vs 144, but I did seem to recover a little bit better after 5 minutes, 76 vs 84. Still trying to get my working heart rate a bit higher.

Muay Thai

Practiced the BBT Muay Thai 8 sequence. Worked through slowly, just trying to get the sequence of moves down. Left Cover to Right Cover to Left Hook to Right Cross, Switch-Step Left Knee to Jab to Right Cross to Right 180

Krav Maga

Practiced the individual steps for Gun to Head and Gun to Chest.