Final Week Before Belt Testing

Scale is definitely not cooperating with me this week. Struggling to get those pounds I put back on off again. Down a little bit, but less than a pound. Think I’ve been eating more than I should at dinner time. Not intentionally, but more from getting sloppy about my portions.


It’s legs week AND the last week before belt testing, which means the intensity is ramped up as high as it will go. My kettlebell workout yesterday did not help at all with the leg workout today. Had a great time with all the Krav Maga defenses for this quarter. My training partner did a good job tryning to get loose from my point of reference, and did a couple of times until I figure out how to really lock it in. I also got away from him a few times, so I think I learned more about controlling my opponent from the point of reference today than I have to date. Did some Muay Thai practice, then to finish us off a couple of rounds of Bas Rutten.