Krav Maga and Legs Week


My first night as an ABD Norwich BBT student. It’s legs week, so lots of squats, jump shots, frog squats, and squatting knees.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai was the first half of the new sequence for this quarter. I learned that in addition to practicing the strikes and kicks, I also need to start practicing as if I was holding pads. I didn’t do a horrible job, but a couple of times I forgot about something.

Krav Maga

Worked on our gun defenses to the head and chest. I need to pay more attention to two things on the gun to chest defense. First, I keep putting my hand back into the line of fire as I go to disarm, and second I’m not always aware of where the muzzle is pointed as I controll the barrel. Final drill was to go from blocking and returing punches to groin kicks. That was the first round. For the second round we added a frog jump shot when switching from block/punch to kick.