Krav Maga at the Late Class


Decided to try the 8pm class tonight. I liked the smaller class size, though the bigger classes don’t bother me. I also like that I had an extra hour to get other things done at home. When I take the 7pm class I find that I get nothing done after I get home from class. Taking the late class will mean getting to bed later than normal. I’ll have to see how I feel in the morning before I decide if the 8pm class with be something I do on a regular basis.

Month 1 continues… One area I think I have improved in is the warmup. I’m now making it through entire warmups without stopping, even when jumping jacks are involved. Even did the shoulder taps, think high plank and touch hand to opposite shoulder, from a real plank position. Shoulder is feeling stronger every time, but I’m still being very cautious about pushing it too far.


Intervals tonight were sit-ups with a medicine ball and sit-ups with wall shots with a medicine ball. High planks and roll the ball between your hands and pushups with one hand on the medicine ball. Leg flutters and Russian twists, with the medicine ball.

Had two issues during the intervals. My lower back is still tightening up during some of the ab exercises, in this case leg flutters. Not surprisingly, leg flutters have the body in much the same position as Vees and scoops. The good news is the tightness goes away very quickly and I seem to go a little longer each time before the tightness sets in. The other issue was with pushups with a hand on the medicine ball. I did a few on each side from a real pushup position, then dropped to my knees to keep doing them. I think I could have pushed out a one or two more real ones, but I’m not sure it would have been worth the risk to my shoulder. Regular pushups and planks I’m not too worried about hurting my shoulder again, but anything where I load the shoulders differently I’m still very cautious of. But, I also need to be careful that I don’t start using the shoulder as an excuse for not giving 100%.

Muay Thai

Continued to work on the new Muay Thai sequence. Tonight we practiced the second part of the first half; duck and weave, left hook, right cross. Since we are Krav Maga focused this quarter we were wearing MMA style gloves. I either need to punch different or get some hand wraps. My hand is shifting a bit in the gloves when I punch and the back of my knuckles started to feel pretty raw.

Krav Maga

Practiced the 360° defense and defense against a haymaker punch. Definitely need some practice on the haymaker defense. In my initial attempts I was trying to pull in the attackers arm, grab the shoulder and throw a knee simultaneously, when in reality they should be discrete actions, which is not to say they happen slowly. I was also pulling the attackers arm in in such a way that I was pinching their arm between my arm and the flesh on the side of my chest. Very painful for me and I’m sure I’ll have a good bruise their in a day or two. I think I need to either hook the arm better as I pull it in, pulling it up more into my own armpit or pull the attackers arm lower on my body and then lock it in. Pulling the attackers arm down a bit may also help pull them off balance.