Lots of Plants and a Little TRX

(CC by 2.0) by SweetOnVeg

(CC by 2.0) by SweetOnVeg


With the exception of some cheese and whole grain roles, I ate an all plant-based diet today. This is something I’m looking to add more of to my regular diet. Really liked my kale and romaine salad with hummus for dressing at lunch, and the Kashi, banana, almond milk breakfast. The veggie meat sloppy joe’s for dinner, were just OK. There’s a funny taste, to me, in the gimme lean that we used for making it. Will have to try some other meat substitutes and see if they taste better. Have my sights set on some black bean burgers and portabella mushroom burgers as the next plant based entrees to try.

The sloppy joe recipe came from the Engine 2 Diet Book.


TRX Force Fit Week 1 Day 1 (pieced together from a variety of sources on the internet, so I’m not 100% sure I got the actual workout correct). Pretty quick workout. I really liked the mobility warm-up. I’m horribly inflexible, so anything that helps my mobility is welcome. I’ll be ordering a TRX to compliment my AOS XT suspension trainer. Thinking of getting the Force Kit specifically for the workout programming. From what I’ve seen on the internet it looks like a nice program.