One Day Two Workouts

Art of Strength Ropes

Since I spent my normal workout days trying to get ahead on homework, and just plain goofed off a bit, I was missing two of my workouts from the past week. So, today was catchup day, and a commitment to stop missing workouts during the week. I was missing my Convict Conditioning/R.O.P.A. and Convict Conditioning/Muay Thai/Krav Maga workouts.



The usual stretching routine laid out in my 12 Week Training Plan.

Convict Conditioning

Because I put off both my Convict Conditioning workouts this week, I got to do them both today. Managed to make progress in all exercises. Results are recorded as #reps-set1/#reps-set2/etc. Results from today

  • Wall Pushups (30/30/30). The goal is 3 sets of 50 reps before progressing. Plan for next time is 35/35/35.
  • Vertical Pulls (20/20). The goal is 3 sets of 40 reps. Plan for next time is to add third set, 20/20/10.
  • Jackknife Squats (25/25). The goal is 3 sets of 40 reps. Plan for next time is to add a third set, 25/25/15.
  • Knee Tucks (20/20). The goal is 3 sets of 40 reps. Plan for next time is still 2 sets, but add at least 2 reps, 22/22.


Got my post workout heart rate up a bit from the last R.O.P.A. workout. Todays pre was 68, post was 144, and post+5m was 84. That’s a pretty good jump, almost a 10% increase, in my post heart rate, but the post+5m rate, which I use to judge recovery ability was only up 5% from my last two workouts. A post heart rate of 144 represents 80% of my theoretical maximum heart rate, depending on whose calculations you use. Assuming my heart rate was similar during the rest of my workout, I’m pretty happy with that level. Ultimately I’d like to see it up a bit higher, around 155 max, and would like to see my recover heart rate after 5 minutes get down below 80.

Muay Thai / Krav Maga

It’s the start of a new cycle at ABD Norwich, so today’s Muay Thai practice was all technique practice for the 1st half of this quarters Muay Thai sequence; jab, jab, cross, duck, cross. Krav Maga practice consisted of practicing solo the defense against a straight punch. Several times I caught myself throwing a knee at the same time I was getting into my point of reference. I need to work on getting into the point of reference, then throwing the knees.