Weight Loss Update

So, it looks like not tracking for a while has had disastrous results. I've actually put about 16 lbs back on since October. Time to get back on track and consistently track my stats. Totals to date are Weight (lbs)-22 1/2 Stomach … [Continue reading]

Jake Steinman Seminar and Final Week Before Stripe Testing

Jake Steinman Seminar The highlight of my week was the Jake Steinman seminar Thursday night. Jake is a trainer out of the Boston area and is Master McShane’s Muay Thai instructor. The 2-hour seminar was focused on the kicks to the leg and … [Continue reading]

Back at it…

After too many months of not keeping my blog updated, I’m back to regular updates. Training Stretching (I’ve been really bad about keeping up with my shoulder in particular and lost some range of motion). Bas Rutten Thai Boxing, … [Continue reading]

Bas Rutten Workout

Training Warmup 2 minutes of intervals to get warmed up. 5 Pushups - my shoulder is finally feeling strong enough to start adding some pushups in on a regular basis. I’m intentionally keeping the reps low enough that I’m not … [Continue reading]

Practice, Practice, Practice…

Getting my daily journal postings back on track. Training Warmup / Stretching Couple of minutes of 15s intervals; shadow boxing, jumping jacks, high knees/punch-outs, standing mountain climbers, etc. Usual stretching routine. I had not … [Continue reading]

Weight Loss Update

Lost weight again this week, plus some measurable loss on my stomach and waist. Average weight loss per week is still 2 lb. Totals to date are Weight (lbs)-39 1/4 Stomach (in)-7 Waist (in) -4 1/2 Neck (in) -1 1/2 On going … [Continue reading]

Weight Loss Update

Looks like I've got everything back on track. Had another good week in the weight loss department. Down another 2 1/4 lb this week, two more lb and I'll have lost a total of 40. Totals to date are Weight (lbs)-38 Stomach (in)-6 1/2 Waist … [Continue reading]

Friday Afternoon Training

Training ABD Norwich for the Friday afternoon class. Same basic class as Monday, still legs week so plenty of squats, snow boards, etc. I bruised my hand holding the tombstone for groin kicks. I’ve got to find a different way to hold the … [Continue reading]

Jeet Kune Do & Kali Seminar

Tonight was the Jeet Kune Do and Kali seminar at ABD Norwich. Christopher Smith from IMB Academy was the guest instructor for tonights seminar. We spent the first hour learning some Kali basics with one and two sticks. I had never worked with … [Continue reading]

Study Night

Tonight is a study night and rest night. Planning on attending the Jeet Kune Do and Kali seminar tomorrow night, then training on Friday afternoon. … [Continue reading]