Workout Tracking

AOS Elevation II Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Week (Date) Kg Sets Kg Sets Kg Sets Kg Sets 1 (9/18/12) 16 2 16 1 16 1 16 1 2 (9/29/12) 16 2 16 1 … [Continue reading]

Bas Rutten and Muay Thai Practice

I feel myself struggling again with my home workouts. I had recently cut out the R.O.P.A. workouts, replacing them with more Muay Thai and Krav Maga practice. Tonight, I cut out my Convict Conditioning work, and replaced it with some Bas Rutten and … [Continue reading]

Krav Maga and Legs Week

Training My first night as an ABD Norwich BBT student. It’s legs week, so lots of squats, jump shots, frog squats, and squatting knees. Muay Thai Muay Thai was the first half of the new sequence for this quarter. I learned that in … [Continue reading]

Sunday Stretching

No workout planned for today, but did do some stretching. Cossack Stretch Saigon Squat Glute/Hip Rotator Stretch (Pigeon Pose) Hip Flexor Stretch Bretzle Bretzle 2.0 … [Continue reading]

Convict Conditioning and R.O.P.A. – Week 4

Training Warm Up Usual stretching routine. Convict Conditioning Added both reps and another set to my vertical pulls and my Jackknife squats. Did 25/25/25 of each. The progression standard for both is 40/40/40, something I think I'll be … [Continue reading]

Weight Loss Update

After last weeks poor performance, I'm very happy with this weeks weight loss. Lost a total of 5 lb this week, plus a 1/2" off both my stomach and waist. This week's loss also bumps my average per week back up to 2 lb. Totals to date … [Continue reading]

Moved Out of Basic And Into BBT

Feeling 100% better than I did yesterday, I took the day off yesterday because I did not feel well. I absolutely hate using my time off because I'm actually sick. Training Wow, what a surprise at ABD Norwich this afternoon. Mr. Angel asked to … [Continue reading]

Convict Conditioning, Muay Thai and Krav Maga Practice

Woke up at my usual 5 this morning. Finally got to bed a bit later than I wanted last night after getting home from the 8pm class. Felt a little tired throughout the day. Think I'll try the late class a few more times and see if I can't get to bed … [Continue reading]

Brettzel and Brettzel 2.0

These are two stretches that come from Gray Cook at Functional Movement Systems. The Brettzel works the anterior chain muscles and the Brettzel 2.0 works the posterior chain muscles. … [Continue reading]

Krav Maga at the Late Class

Training Decided to try the 8pm class tonight. I liked the smaller class size, though the bigger classes don't bother me. I also like that I had an extra hour to get other things done at home. When I take the 7pm class I find that I get nothing … [Continue reading]