Practice, Practice, Practice…

Getting my daily journal postings back on track.


Warmup / Stretching

Couple of minutes of 15s intervals; shadow boxing, jumping jacks, high knees/punch-outs, standing mountain climbers, etc.

Usual stretching routine. I had not done this all week and it felt good to get back to it. Hips were feeling extra tight the last few days and felt much better after stretching.

Muay Thai

Practiced the first half of this quarters Muay Thai 8 routine. Practiced the second half, then put it all together for a few round of the entire routine. Nothing too hard or fast. Tried to stay focused on correct form and hand placement. During last week’s stripe test I was always dropping my left hand when doing a right cover, which made it very awkward to throw the left hook afterward. When I remembered to keep the left hand up in testing, my left hook felt much stronger. Focussed a lot today on what my defending had was doing and less on my striking hand.

Original plan was to finish up with a Bas Rutten workout, but I had recently restored my iPad and had not put my music back on it. So, I didn’t have the Bas Rutten workout to follow. So, I got Pandora playing and started working on kicks, knees, elbows and punches. When I kick I don’t feel like I’m turning my hip over enough, so I threw about 50 kicks each side focussing on getting my hip to turn over all the way. They started feeling a little bit better and I felt I was getting a little bit more power out of each kick. Knees I focussed on projecting from the hip at the end of the knee, instead of just kneeing upwards. Both knees are starting to get some projection on them. Used Master McShane’s suggestion to perform the knee in two stages, (1) bring the knee up and (2) project it forward. Punches and elbows were focussed on body mechanics and keeping my defending hand in the correct place.