Start of a New Krav Maga Quarter


First night back to ABD Norwich since the belt test last Wednesday. Little did I know that I would be having flashbacks to the 650 squats before the night was over…


Since it’s the 1st week of the 1st month of the quarter, the intensity has scaled back down. I didn’t realize just how high the intensity was over the last several weeks until tonight’s class. Really noticed a differences in my performance during the intervals tonight.

Had a bit of trouble with 2 of the intervals. During the scoops and vees interval my lower back tightened up something fierce, to the point where I could not get my legs up to a proper height. I’ve noticed this tends to happen when doing scoops in particular. The other interval that gave me a problem was the walking planks and twisting push ups. I was able to do all rounds of the walking plank, but only got one real round of the twisting push up. My shoulder, the one I spend a month in physical therapy for, was the limitation on doing those. The good news is that every time we do planks or push ups I’m able to do a few more than last time.

The worst interval was squats and holding a low squat position. While fond memories of last weeks belt test did come rushing back, the squats weren’t that bad. Holding the low squat position was the real challenge. Master McShane told us that if we weren’t shaking, then we weren’t doing them right. I’m pretty sure I did them right.

Muay Thai

Started working on the new Muay Thai sequence, 2 jabs and a cross. Mr. Angel was working with the beginner students and friends that had come to class, it’s buddy week and you can bring a friend to class. I noticed that his feedback to me on my punches was much more focused and specific than before. So instead of the correction to twist my hips when I throw a punch, I’m getting more subtle corrections like straightening my wrist a little more. I take this as a positive sign that I’m starting to get the fundamentals down.

Krav Maga

The block the punch drill was much harder than it looked. The drill consisted of your partner throwing, slowly, jabs and crosses at your head and you blocking with the same side arm. Somewhere along the way I must have learned to block differently, because I kept blocking with the opposite hand. I have a feeling it’s going to take a fair amount of practice to engrain the new method in my head and get my muscle memory readjusted.

The blocking drill fed into our first Krav Maga technique, defense against a straight punch. The only advantage here was that the punch was always a right cross, so blocking properly was quite a bit easier. Similar to the beginning of last quarter, everything feels very clunky and requires a lot of thought. The next 3 months should help smooth everything out and make it more automatic.

The final drill of the night was a lot of fun. Actually, any time you get to smack your training partner about the head and neck with mitts, it’s a fun drill. Basically, the defender would protect their head and face with their hands on their head and elbows down and together, while the attacker hit with the mitts; the hits were actually not that hard. The cue to counter attack was 3 swift hits from the attacker. When that happened we would counter back with jabs, crosses and knees. What made it tough was as the interval went on the number of strikes increase, from 2 punches, then 4, then 8, then 16. During round 2, we added a couple of knees after the punches. I thought it was a great drill, especially for working on the transition from defending to attacking.