Back at it…

After too many months of not keeping my blog updated, I’m back to regular updates.


  • Stretching (I’ve been really bad about keeping up with my shoulder in particular and lost some range of motion).
  • Bas Rutten Thai Boxing, 10 x 2m rounds. Was able to keep up with the kicks/knees for the first 4 rounds, then intermittently for the remaining rounds.

Bas Rutten and Muay Thai Practice

I feel myself struggling again with my home workouts. I had recently cut out the R.O.P.A. workouts, replacing them with more Muay Thai and Krav Maga practice. Tonight, I cut out my Convict Conditioning work, and replaced it with some Bas Rutten and Muay Thai practice. There were two reasons for this. One, it’s legs week at ABD Norwich, and my legs are still sore from last nights training. My shoulders are also sore from last night. Second, I felt I needed to practice my Muay Thai more than I need to do some Convict Conditioning. Another reason is I have limited time, and trying to fit everything in is not working well.

I’m also starting to feel like I never really get a chance to recover from my ABD training and my at home training. Often I’m doing squats or ab work at home, when I’m still sore from ABD. I think I’m moving away from the at home calisthenics and relying on ABD for that work. At home I’ll stick with Muay Thai and Krav Maga practice, and my kettlebells. I’m not quite ready to give up the kettlebells yet. I’ll try it for a few weeks and see how I like it. Really wish I could settle into a home routine that feels right.



Usual routine

Bas Rutten Thai Kick Boxing

Couple of 3m rounds of Thai Boxing

Muay Thai practice

Technique practice, 50 jabs, 50 crosses, 25 jab/cross combo

20 right round kick /
20 left round kick

On the kicks I’m having a hard time getting my hip to roll all the way over. I think I’m trying to keep looking at what I’m kicking. I think I need to look through the target to where I imagine I’m aiming for with the kick. I also don’t think I’m pivoting enough on my left foot, something to keep an eye on next time.

20 knees each side, slow for technique. Working on projecting the hip and knee forward at the end, instead of just kneeing up.

Bas Rutten Workout and Eating Greek Greens (aka Weeds from a Field)

3 July 2012

Felt a lot better today. Yesterday I felt off all day. I felt like I was not eating enough carbs, even though my blood sugar was normal whenever I checked it, and I was eating my normal amount of carbs at each meal.

Toe is actually starting to hurt a bit as it heals up. A nice scab is forming and I’m going band aid less, socks with sandals today. So that did not work out too well. Even the sock rubbing on the nail bed got painful.

Shoulder was stiff when I woke up, but the feeling of a pulled muscle seems to have gone away. Once I got moving it loosened up and seems to be doing OK. Will try some more push ups today and see how it goes.


1 set of 4 pushups + some band work for my shoulder.
3 sets of ab work. Tried sit-ups, Vs and leg lifts. Leg lifts in particular I’m feeling in my glutes, could be from tightness.
1 set of 20 squats.

10 rounds of the 3rd quarter Muay Thai sequence.

The Good

Wrote in my journal. Worked out a little bit.

To Improve

Today’s workout was much shorter than it should have been.

4 July 2012


We had a cook-out at my mother-in-laws tonight. She normally eats and cooks a lot of traditional Greek food. So, tonight for dinner I tried what the Greek’s call horta. I thought horta was dandelions, but apparently horta is any leafy green. I think the American translation is “weed found in field”. Have to say they were very good. Almost like a broccoli rabe, but not as bitter. Here’s a website that explains them a little better, Greek Greens (Horta).


Bas Rutten’s 2m Boxing workout, 30 minutes for 10 2 minute rounds. I kept up pretty well, I’d say I stayed with about 50% of the combinations. Really got the heart pumping. Felt it in the shoulders and my sides. During all combinations I tried to concentrate on always brining my defensive hand up and touching my head with it. Will be doing more of these workouts. The other plus for these right now is that this workout did NOT bother my toe.

The Good

Trained hard today and ate well at the cookout.

To Improve

I have a post on goal setting that I’ve been working on. Need to finish that and actually set some for myself.