Jeet Kune Do & Kali Seminar

Tonight was the Jeet Kune Do and Kali seminar at ABD Norwich.

Christopher Smith from IMB Academy was the guest instructor for tonights seminar. We spent the first hour learning some Kali basics with one and two sticks. I had never worked with sticks before, so the basics were exactly what I needed. After some warm-up drills, we practiced six basic strikes on our partners, without actually hitting them. Then we got into the defense against the six strikes. The key on defense was to either form the letter T or X with your stick and the attackers. Finally we learned a couple of disarm techniques, both offensive and defensive. I think Chris did a great job packing a lot of material into an hour.

The second hour Chris went into Jeet Kune Do. He views Jeet Kune Do more as a philosophy of fighting and less as a specific style. We worked on some of the principles of being aggressive, closing the distance while attacking and attacking simultaneously. What felt very weird was that Chris had us use a stance with our strong side forward, which is opposite what I’m used to. The final part was a quick introduction to hand locking and how to combine that with a counter attack. We worked on blocking a round house punch and countering at the same time with a punch to the head. From this Chris asked to improvise whatever continuation we wanted to for the counter attack; each training pair then shared with the rest of the class what they came up with. It was pretty obvious that one of the primary things we train at ABD is Krav Maga. I think just about everybody’s counter attack included getting into the point of reference and the working from there.

The two hours Chris spent with us flew by. He was a great instructor, explained things well and only had us do pushups if we dropped a stick accidentally. I hope Master McShane is able to bring him back again for another seminar.