Legs Week and TRX FORCE KIT

TRX Practice

I received my TRX FORCE Kit earlier this week and spent a bit of time doing the first of the FORCE workout program. Look for a full review of the TRX and training program in the next couple of weeks. Today in the morning I did the TRX FORCE Week 1 – Day 1 workout. I’ve not started tracking anything yet, just wanted to start getting used to the exercises and transitions. I plan to start the Force program for real next week.

ABD Legs Week!!!

Wall Squat

Wall Squat

I hit ABD Norwich for a double single class. Had planned on the double but my shoulder was just starting to act up at the end of the first class so I decided not to push it. This week is the best my shoulder’s been in the past couple of months. I’m at 13 classes and I’m almost caught back up with all my classes. I’m good for stripe testing next week, and if I keep up 2x / week, I should be in good shape for stripe testing and then belt testing at the end of June. This is legs week, so that means squats, squats, squats. One legged, wall, jumping, it was all in there.

Muay Thai

Our focused practice was the cut kick. We used the jump forward and focus on swinging the leg down method. This was similar to the kicks we worked on during the Jake Steinman Muay Thai Seminar. Since this is a Muay Thai quarter, Wed/Thur classes mean sparring for BBT students. This was nice easy sparring, Master McShane said it should be easy enough that no one hates sparring after this. We rotated through three partners. I think I’m getting better at not chasing to block a punch; it’s a bad habit I have that I’ve been trying to fix. My other bad habit is trying to block kicks with my arm instead of bringing my knee up.

Here’s a video showing how we were working on the cut kick

Krav Maga

Worked on all the month 2 material. Defense against front knife threat to the throat, both same side and cross body. The defenses are starting to flow a bit smoother and becoming a bit more automatic.

Friday Afternoon Training


ABD Norwich for the Friday afternoon class. Same basic class as Monday, still legs week so plenty of squats, snow boards, etc.

I bruised my hand holding the tombstone for groin kicks. I’ve got to find a different way to hold the pad, because I’m not holding it securely, Mr. Angel actually kicked it out of my hand twice, and I’m taking all the force of the kicks where my thumb meets my palm.

Krav Maga and Legs Week


My first night as an ABD Norwich BBT student. It’s legs week, so lots of squats, jump shots, frog squats, and squatting knees.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai was the first half of the new sequence for this quarter. I learned that in addition to practicing the strikes and kicks, I also need to start practicing as if I was holding pads. I didn’t do a horrible job, but a couple of times I forgot about something.

Krav Maga

Worked on our gun defenses to the head and chest. I need to pay more attention to two things on the gun to chest defense. First, I keep putting my hand back into the line of fire as I go to disarm, and second I’m not always aware of where the muzzle is pointed as I controll the barrel. Final drill was to go from blocking and returing punches to groin kicks. That was the first round. For the second round we added a frog jump shot when switching from block/punch to kick.

Last Week Before Stripe and Belt Testing

Hips feel like they had a workout this morning. Lower back also feeling a little sore, not painful but like it got worked like it never did before. So, it would appear that my stretching routine last night is engaging some new muscles, exactly what I was looking for.


Legs week continues. Same workout as Wednsday. Lots of legs intervals and a plank interval. Also was our last chance to practice our Muay Thai and Krav Maga.

Improved my Krav Maga point of reference a bit. My training partner and I both tried to pull our arm loose when when we were the attackers. Mr. Angel pointed out some ways to improve how we were locking in the attacker’s arm(s), which made it much more difficult for them to pull free.

Muay Thai Pad Holding

My partner today had a slightly different way of holding pads for elbows, which gave me a different feel when throwing them. I’m becoming more convinced that I should schedule a private session to work on my pad holding so that my training partners are getting the most out of their training.

Final Week Before Belt Testing

Scale is definitely not cooperating with me this week. Struggling to get those pounds I put back on off again. Down a little bit, but less than a pound. Think I’ve been eating more than I should at dinner time. Not intentionally, but more from getting sloppy about my portions.


It’s legs week AND the last week before belt testing, which means the intensity is ramped up as high as it will go. My kettlebell workout yesterday did not help at all with the leg workout today. Had a great time with all the Krav Maga defenses for this quarter. My training partner did a good job tryning to get loose from my point of reference, and did a couple of times until I figure out how to really lock it in. I also got away from him a few times, so I think I learned more about controlling my opponent from the point of reference today than I have to date. Did some Muay Thai practice, then to finish us off a couple of rounds of Bas Rutten.