Last Week Before Stripe and Belt Testing

Hips feel like they had a workout this morning. Lower back also feeling a little sore, not painful but like it got worked like it never did before. So, it would appear that my stretching routine last night is engaging some new muscles, exactly what I was looking for.


Legs week continues. Same workout as Wednsday. Lots of legs intervals and a plank interval. Also was our last chance to practice our Muay Thai and Krav Maga.

Improved my Krav Maga point of reference a bit. My training partner and I both tried to pull our arm loose when when we were the attackers. Mr. Angel pointed out some ways to improve how we were locking in the attacker’s arm(s), which made it much more difficult for them to pull free.

Muay Thai Pad Holding

My partner today had a slightly different way of holding pads for elbows, which gave me a different feel when throwing them. I’m becoming more convinced that I should schedule a private session to work on my pad holding so that my training partners are getting the most out of their training.

ABs Week (Twice in 15 Hours)

It’s a mental health day from today. In other words, I took the day off!!!!!!

Better Pad Holding

I’m thinking of taking a private class to work on my pad holding. My partner’s roundhouse kicks last night were murder on my left arm. Spoke quickly with Mr. Angel about it today and he said it could be my holding the pads and also the way the other person is kicking. In essence I have to be watching how they kick the pads and make some micro adjustmetns just before impact. I’m feeling all the impact on one pad, the rear one, so either I’m not twisting enough, or I need to bring the front pad forward more. Not sure what the exact issue is, but would like to get it worked out. I know from working with the higher ranked students that my own strikes feel very different when they are holding pads for me and I’d like to be the kind of partner that know to hold the pads correctly.


Started the day off right by doing a morning class at ABD Norwich. Same material and sequence as last night’s class. Note to self, doing another class 15 hours later was kind of tough. My calves were cramping up horribly last night, and this morning was even worse. To my surprise, my abs did not hurt as much as I expected and I made it farther in the final kicking drill this morning than I did last night. Last night’s pyramid of alternating right/left round kicks was 1–2–3–4–5, today I made it part way through the 6th pyramid, so I was happy.