Monday Night Kettlebells

16 Kg kettlebell

I’m back on schedule with my new workout plan, after last weeks shuffling around for stripe and belt testing at ABD Norwich.



Monday is kettlebell night, AOS Elevation II to be specific. I improved this week over my last two kettlebell workouts by adding a second set of round 2 to the mix. This round has kettlebell sit ups, chest press with a half get-up, and russian twists. Being able to add a second set of this round was a substantial improvement. I’m working towards 2 sets of each round at the moment. The third round, with laddered shoulder presses, high pulls and snatches is the next big challenge. Round 3 tonight smoked me.

Muay Thai

The new material for Q4 at ABD was posted, so I also got in some practice on the new Muay Thai combination. Nothing too hard or fast, just trying to get the sequence engrained in my head.

Belt Testing at ABD

Note: This post is dated the day of the belt test, but was actually posted after everyone had finished belt testing, so as not to give anything away about what to expect in the test.

Paul throwing a right roundhouse Muay Thai kickPaul in Krav Maga point of reference throwing a knee

It was belt testing tonight. Nice small class tonight, only 8 of us total.


To start class we did jumping jack ladders with squats in between. So it was 100 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 90 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 80 jumping jacks, 10 squats……

Class was a mix of 2m rounds of our Muay Thai routine and 2m of Krav Maga. I lost track but think we did 3 rounds total of the Muay Thai and 1 round of the Krav Maga. Beginners got a little break while the BBT students did some 2m sparring rounds. Because of the small class size there was only one pair sparring at a time, so we all got to watch the sparring.

Class ended with another set of ladders, this time 100 squats, 10 jumping jacs, 90 squats, 10 jumping jacks…..

In total we did 650 jumping jacks and 650 squats. My legs are shot and I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow, and the next day, and the one after that…..

I did pass my belt test, no longer a plain white belt. I’m now a white/yellow belt!

Convict Conditioning + Muay Thai Practice

Not nearly as sore from last nights stripe test as I expected when I got up this morning.


This should be kettlebell day, but I don’t know that I want to go that hard today. So, I’m switching it up and did my CC/stretching/MT today and kept it at a moderate level. CC: Wall Pushups 3/27 and Knee Tucks 2/18. Muay Thai worked on reps for all the basic strikes.

Last Week Before Stripe and Belt Testing

Hips feel like they had a workout this morning. Lower back also feeling a little sore, not painful but like it got worked like it never did before. So, it would appear that my stretching routine last night is engaging some new muscles, exactly what I was looking for.


Legs week continues. Same workout as Wednsday. Lots of legs intervals and a plank interval. Also was our last chance to practice our Muay Thai and Krav Maga.

Improved my Krav Maga point of reference a bit. My training partner and I both tried to pull our arm loose when when we were the attackers. Mr. Angel pointed out some ways to improve how we were locking in the attacker’s arm(s), which made it much more difficult for them to pull free.

Muay Thai Pad Holding

My partner today had a slightly different way of holding pads for elbows, which gave me a different feel when throwing them. I’m becoming more convinced that I should schedule a private session to work on my pad holding so that my training partners are getting the most out of their training.

Convict Conditioning & Muay Thai Practice

Legs/glutes/hips a bit sore today, but not as bad as I expected.

Added some new stretches as part of my warmup routine. My hips are rather tight and I don’t have the strength I would like in them. Not sure yet which ones will go into the final stretch/warm-up routine.


  • Bridge Hold
  • L-Hold
  • Twist
  • Bretzle
  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Lizard Stretch
  • Cossack Stretch
  • Tactical Frog Stretch


  • Convict Conditioning Pushups Wall Pushups (3?25 G:3?50) 3×20
  • Convict Conditioning Leg Raises Knee Tucks (2?17 G:) 1×17, 1×16
  • Muay Thai / Krav Maga Practice
    • Worked reps for technique and power of jab, cross, hook, elbows, knees and roundhouse

Final Week Before Belt Testing

Scale is definitely not cooperating with me this week. Struggling to get those pounds I put back on off again. Down a little bit, but less than a pound. Think I’ve been eating more than I should at dinner time. Not intentionally, but more from getting sloppy about my portions.


It’s legs week AND the last week before belt testing, which means the intensity is ramped up as high as it will go. My kettlebell workout yesterday did not help at all with the leg workout today. Had a great time with all the Krav Maga defenses for this quarter. My training partner did a good job tryning to get loose from my point of reference, and did a couple of times until I figure out how to really lock it in. I also got away from him a few times, so I think I learned more about controlling my opponent from the point of reference today than I have to date. Did some Muay Thai practice, then to finish us off a couple of rounds of Bas Rutten.

AOS Elevation II – Week 1

Legs are still a bit sore today, but I’m feeling up to my Kettlebell workout tonight. Still feels weird not going to ABD on Monday nights. I changed around my schedule so I could use Monday as a home workout day, which gives me more time on Monday and Tuesday to work on homework for my two grad classes this semester. If I can get a head in the classes (wishful thinking) I may go back to Monday/Wednsday at ABD. But, for now its Wednsday/Friday or Wednsday/Saturday, unless its belt testing week, like next week, where I’ll have to go Monday/Wednsday. Will have to squeeze in some extra school work between now and the end fo the weekend.


It was AOS Elevation II today. Slid back a little compared to Sunday’s Elevation II workout. Still did two sets of round 1, but only one set of rounds 2, 3, and 4. Sunday I managed two sets of round 2. Tried a little different way of holding my feet down by laying the Wavemaster on its side and sticking a foot under it. Didn’t work very well, not enough room to get my foot underneath, so had to keep my leg bent at a funny angle.

  • Warm-Up
    • Bridge Hold
    • L-Hold
    • Twist
    • Bretzle
  • Workout
    • Kettlebells, AOS Elevation II
  • Muay Thai / Krav Maga
    • 10 rounds of this quarter’s Muay Thai sequence
    • A few rounds of each Krav Maga defense

12 Week Training Plan

Updated 7 Oct 2012. Added additional stretches to the warmup

Updated 14 Oct 2012. Since I’ve been Moved out of Basic and into BBT, training plan adjusted to have more Muay Thai & Krav Maga practice. Removed R.O.P.A. and will rely on Bas Rutten rounds for conditioning. Shortened my stretching warmup.

Updated 16 Oct 2012. I’m going to focus more on Muay Thai and Krav Maga at home, and rely on ABD workouts to cover my calisthenics needs. For now Convict Conditioning is out.

So, my commitment to my latest 12 week training program is basically gone. There are parts I really like about the current 12 week plan, but the TRX Power Core workout is not one of them. I listed some reasons in a previous post, TRX Power Core Week 3. Here’s a summary of those reasons plus a few new thoughts.

  • Some of the beginner progressions are too hard and I don’t know how to make them easier. I need and enjoy a challenge, but having moves that I simply can’t do don’t belong in my workouts.
  • I’m not sure I like/agree with some of the ballistic movements they are advocating vs controlled movements. I think I get plenty of ballistic movements with my ABD classes, bag practice, and KB routine.
  • I think with my other workouts during the week, I’m getting more than enough core strength work.
  • I miss the Convict Conditioning routine
  • With my current weekly plan, I’m not getting any sustained practice on either my Krav Maga or Muay Thai. I do use the Wavemaster for some warm-up, but I’m not practicing like I was, and should.

I’m also switching up my ABD Norwich training days from my usual Monday/Wednesday classes. I’m taking two grad classes this semester and having more time on Monday night just works better for getting assignments done. With the exception of belt testing weeks, which I’ll do on Monday/Wednesday, my new workout days will be Wednesday and either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. The last time I did the Friday afternoon class I really liked it because it was a great way to burn off any stress from the week, so I’m shooting for Friday’s as my second training day.

The New 12 Week Plan

  • Daily Stretching
    • Cossack Stretch
    • Saigon Squat
    • Glute/Hip Rotator Stretch (Pigeon Pose)
    • Hip Flexor Stretch
    • Bretzle
    • Bretzle 2.0
  • Sunday
    • Rest
  • Monday
    • Kettlebells – AOS Elevation II
  • Tuesday
    • Muay Thai / Krav Maga Practice
  • Wednsday
    • ABD
  • Thursday
    • Muay Thai / Krav Maga Practice
  • Friday
    • ABD
  • Saturday
    • Rest / Makeup day

ABs Week (Twice in 15 Hours)

It’s a mental health day from today. In other words, I took the day off!!!!!!

Better Pad Holding

I’m thinking of taking a private class to work on my pad holding. My partner’s roundhouse kicks last night were murder on my left arm. Spoke quickly with Mr. Angel about it today and he said it could be my holding the pads and also the way the other person is kicking. In essence I have to be watching how they kick the pads and make some micro adjustmetns just before impact. I’m feeling all the impact on one pad, the rear one, so either I’m not twisting enough, or I need to bring the front pad forward more. Not sure what the exact issue is, but would like to get it worked out. I know from working with the higher ranked students that my own strikes feel very different when they are holding pads for me and I’d like to be the kind of partner that know to hold the pads correctly.


Started the day off right by doing a morning class at ABD Norwich. Same material and sequence as last night’s class. Note to self, doing another class 15 hours later was kind of tough. My calves were cramping up horribly last night, and this morning was even worse. To my surprise, my abs did not hurt as much as I expected and I made it farther in the final kicking drill this morning than I did last night. Last night’s pyramid of alternating right/left round kicks was 1–2–3–4–5, today I made it part way through the 6th pyramid, so I was happy.

ABs Week at ABD

I’m taking tomorrow off from work. Plan is ABD Norwichin the morning and then whatever I want for the rest of the day. Maybe get the rest of the basement cleaned up and in order. I’d like to get some woodturning in this weekend, might make for a good distraction when I need a homework break.

Training Plan

It’s both abs week and month three of the training cycle. Month 3 means the intensity ramps way up and abs workouts, well their just no fun.

Did have a cool new warmup drill where we had to keep one hand on the front of our partners shoulder and try to maintain a constant distance as they moved around. It was a lot harder than it looked, particuarlly when your partner advances, which means you must move backwards, and then the partner suddenly goes backwards. We also repeated the drill without touching, in this case we both maintained a guard stance.

Rest of the night was the usual abs week stuff, though I did like that the L’s were thrown in before the Krav Maga and Muay Thai work. During the last abs week L’s were at the very end of class. One thing I noticed is that some of the chokes that are being applied are not really as intense as they should be; based on the times I’ve gotten to work with the BBT students, who choke harder and push faster and resist a whole lot more.

My partner tonight though, did do a good job showing me that I was not locking his arm up tight engouh in my point of reference, because he pulled out of it a couple of times. I quickly corrected that problem.

Need to work on my pad holding. My forearms were really getting beat up from Muay Thai round kicks. Somehow I’m either not bracing enough, pushing into the kick enough, or holding at the wrong angle. I end up feeling most of a right round kick in my left forearm and not across both pads.