Cossack and Lizard Stretches

Here are a couple more stretches I do on a regular basis. The cossack I also do with the TRX, this allows a lot of support if you are very inflexible.

Sunday Stretching

No workout planned for today, but did do some stretching.

  • Cossack Stretch
  • Saigon Squat
  • Glute/Hip Rotator Stretch (Pigeon Pose)
  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Bretzle
  • Bretzle 2.0

Brettzel and Brettzel 2.0

These are two stretches that come from Gray Cook at Functional Movement Systems. The Brettzel works the anterior chain muscles and the Brettzel 2.0 works the posterior chain muscles.

Rest Day, Stretching Only

No planned workout for today, it’s a rest day. Felt a little stiff, so I did my warm-up stretching routine, which did wonders for relieving my stiffness.


  • Bridge Hold
  • L-Hold
  • Twist
  • Bretzle
  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Lizard Stretch
  • Cossack Stretch
  • Tactical Frog Stretch