Training Goals – Summer 2013

Training Goals vs Training Plans

I’m shifting from writing multi-week training plans to writing training goals instead. I realized looking back at my past training plans that I never was able to follow any of them for very long. I started thinking about why that was and think I have figured out why I have not been successful in following them; they are too specific! Now, I do believe in achievable and measurable goals, so how can I say the plans were to specific? Simple, my previous plans did more than spell out the achievable and measurable goals for each week. They also laid out a weekly schedule for achieving those goals. And, that’s were the problem is. How do I know what a specific week is going to look like 10 weeks from now? I can’t, so trying to plan down to that level too far in advance does not work for me. Instead, I’ll layout the training goals for each week, but will plan how to achieve them on a weekly basis.

12 Week Training Goals

TRX FORCE Tactical Training Program

The time frame for my goals is 12 weeks, the same amount of time that the TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program takes to complete. For my at home workouts I’ve decided that I really need a set program to follow, something that’s all pre-planned and laid out for me. I like the TRX program because it focusses on functional strength and getting the entire body to work together, with a particular emphasis on core strength and mobility. I’m pretty inflexible, so anything that helps improve my mobility is also a plus. The TRX program is done 4x / week. More information on the TRX FORCE Kit and Tactical Conditioning Program can be found at the TRX Training Website.


ABD Norwich is structured so that if you attend two classes per week, you will always have the classes needed for stripe and belt testing. The goal for ABD is to attend two classes per week. ABD also offers a couple of sparring classes each week. Sparring is one of the things that you have to test for to advance to black belt. One common piece of advice I’ve heard from higher level belts is to start sparring as soon as possible, and not wait until you absolutely have to learn to spar. I’ve got years before I’ll have to worry about testing for black belt, but I will heed the advice. My goal is to make two sparring sessions a month.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

I signed up for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes quite a few months ago at Macarra BJJ Norwich, but have only attended a handful of classes. During a seminar with Neiman Gracie we were working on a De La Riva sweep, and I landed hard on my shoulder. Recovering from the shoulder injury has kept me away for too long. I’ve decided that if people with missing or paralyzed limbs can participate in BJJ, then I’m sure I can find a way to work around my injury until it’s healed. My goal is one BJJ class per week.

Goals Summary


  • TRX Programs 4x
  • ABD 2x
  • BJJ 1x
  • At home Muay Thai / Krav Maga practice 2x


  • ABD Sparring 2x

Measuring Progress

Stripe testing at ABD includes doing max pushups, Vee’s, squats, and left/right bounce kicks for time, 1 minute each. I’m going to use my stripe test results as a way to measure progress for the next 12 weeks.

How do you measure your training progress?

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