Weekly Training Plan – 26 May 2013

Page from weekly training plan notebook

My weekly training plan for the week of 26 May 2013. Details for the goals behind my current training plan can be found in the Training Goals – Summer 2013 post.


  • Sunday
    • TRX Mobility @done
    • Muay Thai practice @done
  • Monday
    • TRX FORCE: Week 1: Day 1 @done
      • Was able to do all exercises except the spiderman pushups. My shoulder is not strong enough yet to do those. Will try and do a variation from a normal pushup position off the ground next time they come up.
    • Muay Thai practice @done
      • Worked on getting a roundhouse kicks. Focused on hip turnover and swinging the leg as dead weight. Did some stretching to try and improve height. Also did some basic Muay Thai footwork; walking forward and back, throwing punches while advancing and retreating.
  • Tuesday
    • TRX FORCE: Week 1: Day 2 @done
      • There was one exercise from strength routine 2 that I was unable to do, the burpees… So, I modified them to be jump squat with a floor touch.
    • ABD (stripe test prep) @done
      • Good stripe prep. Felt I was able to push hard through the entire class. My Krav defense also felt very good.
  • Wednesday
    • TRX FORCE: Week 1: Day 3 @done
    • Macarra BJJ Norwich
      • Felt great to be back in BJJ, but WOW, was that a tough class. We worked on umpa escape from mount and several armbars if your opponent used the umpa to escape your mount. For some reason this was much harder for me than the previous night’s ABD stripe test prep class.
  • Thursday
    • ABD (stripe testing) @done
      • Had a very good stripe test. Just like the practice, I was able to push hard through the entire test. Shoulder’s finally getting back to normal. Managed 3 push-ups, which is a great improvement over the 0 I’ve done for the past 3 months.
  • Friday
    • TRX FORCE: Week 1: Day 4 @done
  • Saturday
    • ABD (making up missed classes) @skipped
    • ABD – sparring class @skipped
    • TRX FORCE: Mobility